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Who We Are

Spokesman Communication Ministries, a multi-dimensional ministry, is an upshoot of a man who became born again at age eleven years in his secondary school at Edo College, Benin City. From the moment he gave his life to Christ, Greg Erhabor wholeheartedly served the Lord and followed his leading.

Rev. Prof. Erhabor has led in various capacities as Christian Fellowship leader and presidents in Edo College (secondary school), at University of Ibadan and at University College Hospital Fellowship, Ibadan, while a medical student. His calling were in many dimensions through prophesy, by revelation, and through opportunities to lead. All these were like building blocks to bring to pass the building of an edifice.


The Spokesman Communication Ministries, a name received from God in the middle of the night (2am) when he was told ‘I want you to be a Spokesman to your generation.’ It was backed by a passage in the Bible. (Exodus 4:16-17)

The vision became a reality on 2nd December 1986 when a house fellowship was commenced at his residence House 17A, Phase I staff quarters of Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Quarters in his house then. He married Sis Ayodele (Nee Akinyede) on 22nd August, 1987. House fellowship continued in House 11 OAUTHC Quarters. 

House fellowship was on Thursdays except when there was a special programme. The fellowship was focused on building young men and women to be effective Christians, well-grounded in the word of truth. Tracts were printed for evangelizing and a formidable follow up unit was in place. Newsletters and magazines were published to enhance reaching out to people. Notable publications include The Spokesman Magazine, Voice of Hope and the Message of Hope. When the pastor and his wife relocated out of OAUTHC Quarters, the house fellowship continued at the former Chapel of Grace small building inside the Maintenance department of O.A.U.T.H.C.  

The House Fellowship relocated to the upper flat of the Jolliters Chemist Building in Mayfair and was called the Spokesman Secretariat. The ministry organized numerous teaching and preaching programmes titled ‘Time for Change’ to reach out to different categories of people and to win souls that will be effective in their various local churches. Also a rented flat was made into a library for people to study, read the word of God and search the scriptures in Omole Estate, Ile-Ife. In 1992, the Erhabors travelled to the United Kingdom. While in the UK, the Lord encouraged Pastor Erhabor to start a church when he returned to Nigeria.


On his return from United Kingdom in February 1995, the ministry had dwindled considerably to a very few members. After lots of prayer and fasting and staying in God’s presence, in 1997, the ‘visioner’ finally received a clear message from the Lord to start a church within the ministry. The church was to be a place of Hope to our generation where men and women are built up in faith and undying hope in God. 

Mayfair Hotels Auditorium was used for the special Thursday Outreach Programme ‘Time for Change’.,
The first Radio Message was broadcasted on February 19th 1997 on Osun (OSBC) Radio 9:30-10pm.
Radio message was broadcasted in Ekiti Radio for quite some time too. On Sunday 2nd March 1997, the vision of a church was made public. People were invited to key into the vision while the dream was declared publicly.


On July 26th 1997, his 40th Birthday, he was finally prayed for and the church was inaugurated. The church moved to the Mayfair Building formerly used as Disco Centre. This was where Rev. Prof. Erhabor received his great statement, ‘Out of the broken pieces of your past, God can build an edifice of Hope.’ Due to the terrible condition of the place, it brought an air of hopelessness. With great encouragement, the place was recreated into a hope center.

In 2007, the church took a giant step by moving to a new edifice of the Sanctuary of Hope Church while yet to be fully completed. Within a year afterwards, the Sanctuary of Hope building was completed and transformed to what we see today.

The church started with a few people but has maintained a steady growth, reaching up to over a thousand members every week. The ministry has continued to reach out to thousands of people with multifaceted fellowships globally and is making use of every available voice through Media, Publications, Christian teachings, and leadership programmes, to take the gospel of Christ to the nations. One of the unique aspects of the ministry is her health outreach. The founder has continued to use his skills as a physician to reach out to the community through health education and outreaches to the orphans, widows and the less privileged in the society.

Indeed God has brought us from our small state and brought us to a place of excellence where many lives have been built and still being transformed day by day. The church is moving on and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

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